Mike Trout and the Angels are Magical

[Box Score]

The Angels have seemed to be a pesky group all year long. Sure, their season record sits at 10-12; but many of their wins are of the miracle-variety. Early on in Spring Training, it was the same story. The Angels won several of their games to begin the spring in seemingly miracle fashion.

Not much has gone right in terms of the health department, and the Angels had so little give in that area to begin with. But alas, the Angels have baseball’s best player. A generational player.

Mike Trout came up last night in the bottom of the 10th inning trailing 1-0. Facing Santiago Casilla, he took one that was likely in the loss column; removed it, and helped place it in the win column.

What you’ll see here is Trout casually popping one out of the park backside to tie the game at one. It was his sixth home run of the season.

Just an inning later, the Angels would win the game on a Calhoun single that scored dirty Danny Espinosa.

Mike Trout really is the greatest.