Right Now is the most that Eric Thames name has ever been Googled

Eric Thames hit two more home runs last night against the Cincinnati Reds; giving him ten on the season and seven against the Redlegs. The Brewers won the game 11-7 in Milwaukee.

You aren’t allowed to suggest he’s on any kind of PEDs. Not even a little bit. Not even for a moment. People simply want to believe that this fairy tale story is real. That this outrageous outlier isn’t the slightest bit fishy. Even if Thames is on your fantasy team. Even if you’re along for the ride, and really enjoying the show.

We don’t have anything particularly groundbreaking to add about Thames. This is a good story no matter what

Anyways, we don’t know what to do with Thames. We don’t know whether to offer him in a deal for Mike Trout or hold onto him for dear life because this is Prince Fielder 2007 in redux. You’re at a real crossroads right now if you’re an Eric Thames fantasy owner. You’re excited, but yet a little bit worried that you wake up tomorrow and he’s Chris Shelton. Or that the recent drug test he passed ends up being flunked next time around because he simply looks like an NFL fullback in a baseball uniform.

No matter how this story came to be, it’s one of the best stories and biggest stories in baseball. With every homer he swats, it becomes more interesting. Thames becomes more well known. He makes more appearances on SportsCenter and he develops more fans.

This doesn’t add up; quite frankly, but we think it’s a lot of fun and actually good for the game. We really don’t care whether or not he’s juicing. It simply seems – in a word – odd. If you’re one of those who seems to be scratching your head about the Thames saga, you’re not alone.

Our best advice is to enjoy the show. Baseball is still great, and also enjoy that pic at the top of this post. It’s A+++ work.