Did Nasty Hector Neris just take over the Closer Role in Philadelphia?

A little while back, Pete Mackanin did something puzzling when he named Joaquin Benoit the closer for the embattled Jeanmar Gomez; rather than giving the job to 28-year old flamethrower, Hector Neris.

For those that tell you when you ask “when is Neris going to get a shot” that “Neris is the future”, they would seem mis-informed. He isn’t 23 years old. Neris is at an age where he should get a shot over a guy like Benoit who has kicked around the league, never sustained prolonged success in the closers role anywhere; and like, doesn’t Pete Mackanin want to keep winning games so he can keep his job?

Well tonight could have been the start of something special out of the clear blue. Tonight, Pete Mackanin did the right thing.

Without much fanfare, he let Neris throw the ninth while Benoit set up in the 8th inning. Neris didn’t strike anyone out as he usually does, but he did record a 1-2-3 inning at Citi Field and the Phillies took a series from the Mets in defeating Noah Syndergaard 6-4. It was the third save of Neris’ career.

When baseball things are done the right way, it pleases us. It might not significantly impact our lives, but it brings us the smallest bit of happiness. We love this game, after all.

UPDATE: Not so fast. Managers going to manager.