It’s Patriot Day in Boston

It’s Patriots Day in Boston which means two things:

1) The Boston Marathon is actually ongoing. Anyone who can run in that is incredible.

2) The Red Sox start playing baseball at Fenway Park at 11:00 AM.

The game is underway. The Sawks have a bad ass ‘Boston Strong’ patch on those flawless white home uniforms. Look back at the history of today’s game with the Sons of Sam Horn.

I didn’t get to ‘celebrate’ today like I always wanted to. My daycare sitter called off sick, so while I have the game on and I’m watching Steven Wright throw right now, I’m still kind of chasing two kids around until my wife relieves me at some point. But it’s afternoon baseball and I’ll take it.

Morning baseball at Fenway is the best. The Red Sox will find a way today. It’s so American.