It’s going to be a long summer in Toronto

If you’ve been doubling down on the Toronto Blue Jays to turn things around night by night, you’re about out of money. After yesterday’s 11-4 drubbing in Toronto, the Blue Jays now have started the season 2-10.

The Blue Jays lost Josh Donaldson to an exploded calf. Then Aaron Sanchez hit the disabled list. Yesterday, J.A. Happ did something to himself and left the start early.

It feels like the Blue Jays are in serious trouble. It just has that nightmare feel to it. It’s early and all that fun stuff; but they’re not in a great position to dig out of an eight games under .500 whole with two shelved pitchers and Joey Bats as their only punch in the middle of the lineup. Steve Pearce has thus far been a nightmare for the Jays in trying to replace a piece of Edwin Encarnacion.

The Blue Jays are a mess – it’s sad to see because they decided not to entirely tear things down and we commend them for that – but we will be following this as we trek towards summer.

The other nice thing is that the Toronto Maple Leafs are really good and going to be good for a long time. Those Canucks up north can hang their hat on that.