Dodgers Return to La La Land Tonight

The Dodgers lose some of their magic when they’re playing on the roads. They wear those boring grey uniforms. They don’t really ever seem to hit much; win or lose. They were shutout yesterday 4-0 at Wrigley. They won an uneventful game 2-0 the night before that.

They just seem to not have a little bit of the pizazz when they’re outside of the City of Angels. But when they’re home; it’s a completely different story. And tonight, the Dodgers come home for the first time since the opening series of the season.

Clayton Kershaw is on the bump. You can’t ask for much more than that on a Friday night that gets a 10:05 PM ET start. The home whites will be out.

It’s Hollyweird, and you could see absolutely fuggin’ anything.