Otis Nixon is a missing person

So a really weird story has broke as of Sunday evening. If you grew up when I did, you remember Otis Nixon. He of the not so great face to look at, 620 career stolen bases; playing from 1983 until 1999 when he was 40 years old in the big leagues.

Well, Otis Nixon has gone missing.

He was last seen leaving his home in a gray 2011 Range Rover on Saturday morning. He was supposed to be at a local golf course, but never arrived.

That’s kind of eerie. Maybe Nixon was worried about shooting par.

Nixon features a little bit of a sketchy past and a history of drug usage which is unfortunate. You hope when you hear things like this that the guy is alright and it doesn’t have anything to do with past issues like that.

We did the post as much as anything to raise awareness. If you’ve seen Otis Nixon, call your local police department (do not ask Otis for an autograph). We’ll update if Nixon turns up.