Corey Seager really likes the Jersey Mike’s Club

It was easy to miss this Vice Sports profile on Corey Seager just a day or two before Opening Day.

It was well done. The article talks about how he became an offensive force, and more interestingly how Mr. Ground Ball Grape himself is partial to Jersey Mikes (admittedly, a great place):

But Seager isn’t Jeter, and he certainly isn’t A-Rod. Seager is Kannapolis, North Carolina. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Future Farmers of America. 4.0 GPA. “I’m pretty plain Jane,” he said. “Pretty vanilla.”

Seager is apparently so plain that the only thing writers can find to write about him is his diet. “He’s a big boy,” Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Trayce Thompson told me when I asked him about Seager’s hobbies away from baseball. “He likes to eat—a lot.”

When the Los Angeles Times wrote about Seager’s attempts to manage his newfound celebrity, reporter Andy McCullough caught him ordering a bacon turkey bravo sandwich at Panera with a side of broccoli soup. In an ESPN feature on Seager, he is observed scarfing down a chicken bacon ranch personal pizza with clam chowder and a pair of Mountain Dews.

Seager’s favorite place to eat is the sandwich chain Jersey Mike’s, where he is a very, very regular customer.

“I go with the Club,” Seager said. “It’s really hard for me to go away from it. I’ve gotten the Philly Cheese once, it was really good, but it’s hard to not go in there and get your favorite sandwich.”

I told him I understood. You don’t want to feel like you’re missing out.

“Exactly, you’re like, ‘Man I really wish I would have gotten my sandwich.'”

Love Corey friggin’ Seager so much. Love Jersey Mikes as well. And for those that missed the Ground Ball Grape bit: