Rich Hill’s Blister from Hell is back

Last year we went and threw a tantrum about Rich Hill’s blister. You see, Rich Hill is probably our second favorite starting pitcher in baseball behind Noah Syndergaard; which isn’t saying much because we only like about five of them. But the blister thing – it’s gotten out of control.

This looked like an April Fool’s joke at first, but sadly it’s not. Rich Hill is back on the Disabled List not because he took a Trevor Cahill fastball off the hand the other day; but because the blister from Hell has returned.

I don’t want to hear it people. When I made the original post last year I had a guy ask me if I had ever pitched before. Not at that level, no. But I’ve never known anyone to have a 10 month blister problem either. People want to say ‘well Hill throws a lot of curveballs you know’. Darryl Kile threw a lot of curveballs. Nolan Ryan, Dwight Gooden, Sandy Koufax; all threw a ton of them. None of them ever had a blister problem that reared it’s ugly head every other start.

At this point Rich Hill needs to see…… someone. He needs a specialist. Spray some rubber on that shit and get out on the bump every fifth day. This is ridiculous!