The Magic of Opening Day

We write about it every year – there’s nothing like the magic of Opening Day in baseball. There is new hope. A new year has begun. Everyone is in first place. Everyone’s stats start from scratch. It’s a fresh start, a new lease on life.

The possibilities of what we could see this season remain boundless.

Nothing can be ruled out – and the only thing that is guaranteed is that we’re going to see a ton of things we’ve never seen before. We’re going to be able to look at things in the game of baseball; in some aspect, in a fresh in new way. New talents will emerge. Old talents will prove they still have it. There will be new All Stars, new aces, new great players. How exciting is that?

This will be the year we get to meet a number of new members of the fraternity. Some you’ll consider family for eight months or so if they’re on your team you root for or your fantasy squad.

Time really begins on Opening Day in baseball, where you could see anything.

There’s no work for us tomorrow other than to soak it in. Opening Day is a holiday in our world. If you can, enjoy yourself; smell the roses. You never know how many Opening Days you have left, but you have this one tomorrow. Everyone has a shot until otherwise determined. We could see a Triple Crown, or a 25-game winner, or a guy who strikes out 300 hitters. There’s nothing that says your favorite guy can’t knock 40 out of the park, as long as it’s the first game of the season.

That’s part of the magic of baseball on Opening Day. We’re going to see something totally incredible. It’s guaranteed.