Your Saturday Baseball Post

Welcome to Saturday folks where we go retro a bit. We are like 16 days from Opening Day. I’m going to spend my Saturday with my kiddos. There’s nothing better than napping with my seven month old son, with some NCAA March Madness games on. My bracket already sucks. Nothing new to see there.

But soon enough it’s all baseball, all the time. Another season is upon us. New hope. Hope springs eternal. All that great stuff.

Today’s 80’s song is a real ‘beaut. It has definitely been used on a Saturday before, but if we’re the DJ, then for our money’s worth it’s always a safe play. It hails from Emotion 98.3 on Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Fernando Martinez – the greatest disc jockey in the history of GTA games was the guy who would tell you about the songs on that station. It will take you back to the 80’s on this one. They don’t make them like this one anymore. Speedwagon kicks major ass.

So enjoy your Saturday. It’s the best day of the week, especially for a baseball fan. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.