Cricket and the Community

Cricket and the community can never be separated. It is a sport that has been developed by the community’s love for the sport. However the relationship is not a one way relationship. The sport has given back to many communities in a number of ways. Cricket has created legends from ordinary man. And in turn these not so ordinary men and now women have given a lot back to the communities that moulded them. It is possibly this ownership of the game by society that has led to the game becoming so great. It is undeniable that cricket now has one of the largest following in the world. Cricket tournaments have audiences that can compete with other major tournaments in sports like soccer and athletics.

Cricket Developing The Community  

The sport has given back to communities in major ways. But we cannot talk about the effects that cricket has had on societies without mentioning the ICC. The international cricket governing body is responsible for creating and funding programs to develop the sport at grass root level. There are also individuals that have and are still giving back to the sport. One such initiative is the Mcgrath Foundation.

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The Community Growing Cricket

Cricket would really be nothing without the communities that gave to make the sport what it is today. The roots of the game can be traced back to England. It is in there where game developed. As the United Kingdom spread across the globe so did the sport.

Cricket is a legacy of colonialism in many countries. However it is legacy of friendship and sporting entertainment. As a result countries that are part of the UK and former commonwealth countries still take part in cricket tournaments. The most notable display of the social aspect of the game is the Ashes tournament which is played annually between England and Australia. Players will be playing for a year’s worth of bragging rights.