Corey Seager’s ‘Back’ Injury sounds more like an Oblique Injury

What a time in our lives for this to be happening. Just when we’ve went all-in on Seager in fantasy and on the blog; and in real life (he was slated to be the cornerstone of our MLB The Show ’17 Dodgers franchise), there’s just a problem.

Seager is hurt. He’s hurt more than the Dodgers are letting on. They’re starting to actually let on. When you follow the game as long as we have followed it, you can read between the lines pretty closely and realize when a team is being sketchy with an injury or when they don’t know when a guy can be expected to really return to action.

From today’s LA Times piece on Seager’s injury:

“Corey is still just getting better, but not doing any baseball-specific stuff,” Roberts said. “Really, not too much. I keep hearing there’s improvement. But enough to get him on the field? It hasn’t happened yet.”

Now the thing is; Seager has been ‘getting better’ and ‘going to return to action’ so many times already this spring. It’s at the point where you can just tell his manager is frustrated and they’re all in the dark on when he’s really coming back. It’s obvious that his status for Opening Day is in peril. They should stop calling this a back injury and just admit it’s a strained oblique.

A strained oblique is a dreadful baseball injury. It’s like having a high-ankle sprain in ice hockey or the dreaded Lisfranc injury in football. It’s a six to eight week recovery time.

This is not good folks. We are telling you right now, it’s not good. We fully expect Noah Syndergaard to have Tommy John by June too; if you’re keeping score at home. Every time we really like a guy, well he’s fucked.