Your Saturday Baseball Post

Welcome to the best day of the week – and the first Saturday of the World Baseball Classic. Let’s see here, whats on tap for this middle aged dad. I may watch some World Baseball Classic (today is the huge USA-Dominican match-up of the Goliaths). I may watch some NHL Hockey. I may play some Madden. I might study some Ron Shandler Forecaster. I might just sit around like a lump of crap and play with my son. The world is your oyster really when you have kids and you’re stuck at home. Or it’s not if you look at it in a certain way.

We have an all-time 80’s beauty classic for today’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you. This is ‘Life in a Northern Town’ by a group called Dream Academy. As you listen to this one, it doesn’t even seem real. As the first comment on the video on YouTube “this song definitely transcends time in the mind”. Whatever that means, but yes.

So enjoy your Saturday. Each one we have is blessed. And it’s the best day of the week. And baseball season is almost here.