Some Saturday Night World Baseball Classic

It’s Saturday night and I’ve got the World Baseball Classic on MLB Network. Matt Vasgersian on the call (pretty much the best in the business anymore). It’s absolutely batshit bedlam in Miami. My buddy Detroit Stars is at the game.

You have to say this about the Classic so far: it’s giving us some good meaningful drama. These guys are playing hard, grinding out at-bats, and the crowds are really into it. It’s not like anything you hear except for the postseason. It’s more of a professional football environment or soccer crowd. There’s a constant roar.

It’s kind of cool, and the event doesn’t get much run time on the blog but since this is a baseball blog; people should care about the WBC a little bit and we should give it it’s due.

USA and the Dominican are putting on a nice show right now, and earlier today Venezuela barely held off Italy 11-10 in an absolute classic.

We’ll keep watching, hoping to see something cool. And it’s already pretty cool.