Welp, Alex Reyes is done for the Year

Well, that sure didn’t take long.

St. Louis Cardinals mega-prospect Alex Reyes has a partial tear in a ligament in his elbow, so he’s done. His ‘season’ lasted all of a couple hours. And this absolutely friggin sucks!

As much as I dislike the Cardinals, Reyes was easily one of my top five favorite pitchers in baseball. I had harvested him last year in my keeper league and he was one of my core six moving forward, and now this. You can toss him on the Tommy-John Surgery scrap heap, who the Hell knows when he’ll be back or what you’ll get at that point.

I absolutely hate pitchers. I hate them in every way that something can be hated. I have been sulking, and bitter since this news broke. There is absolutely no reason; if you love this game of baseball as I do, to ever get any attachment to a pitcher. No one is safe from this vile witch hunt. From this death lottery.

I hope everyone else’s prize young arms start dropping like flies now. If I can’t have her no one can, type of thing.