Rob Manfred is full of Stupid Ideas

Another day, another stupid ass idea by MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. This one has obviously been in the works for some time.

Baseball is going to test out new extra-innings rules in rookie ball (and the World Baseball Classic) that starts runners on first and second base in the 11th inning. This is absolutely horrible.

Let us talk a walk into the mind of Madman Manfred, if we can. His brain has an idea. The idea is to take the most pressure packed, precious parts of a ballgame – innings that people live for – and shorten it by starting runners in scoring position. What an asshole.

If this idea makes its way anywhere close to the big league level, I will write letters to Manfred. I will write letters to my congressman. I will make the Million Woman March look like a luncheon. My typewriter is ready to riot, and I will not go quietly about this horrific idea to again shit on tradition.

Manfred also seems bullish about legalizing sports gambling, which is probably coming and we’re more than okay with. That will beat the hell out of meeting some shady character behind my place of employment every Tuesday to settle up. It will help the economy and interest in sports in general.

“There is this buzz out there in terms of people feeling that there may be an opportunity here for additional legalized sports betting,” Manfred said. “We are reexamining our stance on gambling. It’s a conversation that’s ongoing with the owners.”

So if you’re keeping score at home, in addition to this news, Manfred would like to change the strike zone/abolish traditional intentional walks, and he’s putting branding on uniforms.

There needs to be a sit down with some of the old boys back home so to speak. Manfred is completely getting out of hand with our nice, clean, traditional, perfect game.