Your Saturday Baseball Post

Happy Saturday! Pitchers and catchers are going to start filtering into their respective big league camps in about a week. We’ve almost made it through the dead part of baseball season.

As for us – it’s been a brutal Saturday. At around midnight on Friday night, my daughter threw up her crib. What followed was about 2-3 baths, changing her sheets four times, and then finally around four AM I started to yack. Then my wife around 8 AM. There’s just no playbook when both kids and both parents get sick. Thank God my wife is tougher than me. I feel like I spent the last 18 hours hallucinating. I still feel rotten, but this post is going up late.

Just when you think we’re about out of 1980’s hits that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker nearest you, we go and find one of the greatest ever. From July 1983, it’s Air Supply and ‘Making Love Out of Nothing At All’.

We hope your Saturday was a blessed one – Super Bowl Sunday on deck. After that, the Boys of Summer can take center stage again. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.