Sergio Romo leaves the Bad Guys, signs with Good Guys

There’s nothing I despise more than the San Francisco Giants. They’re worse than the Cardinals. Sergio Romo has been a fixture for the Giants since 2008; becoming an icon in the city. He’s always been effective in high-leverage situations, racking up 84 saves with a career 2.58 ERA.

Today, he signed with the Giants enemy, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is another excellent boost for the Dodgers, as Romo will replace Joe Blanton as the primary set-up specialist when things are getting ready for Kenley Jansen.

More than anything – no matter how he performs – it’s a win because the Giants fans are really going to cringe seeing this guy in Dodgers blue and white.

His best years are probably behind him, but he’s still got a true slider as his bread and butter and he’s a guy who has proven that he knows how to collect outs even with declining velocity.