Your Saturday Baseball Post

It’s Saturday at Diamond Hoggers, and there are just 65 days and a couple hours until Opening Day 2017.

This weekend is unique – there are no football games whatsoever for the first time since September. So it’s time to make it through the worst part of the winter with no baseball and no football to get us through. These are the trenches. We must press on.

We’ll press on by taking care of two sick kids. My entire house has been hit with the plague. Two kids age two and under with fevers of 103 are an absolutely nightmare!

Here’s one from back in 1987, from Benjamin Orr who was the key member of The Cars. This is back when music was real. Back when the world was different and innocent. Your 80’s song of a week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker nearest you is ‘Stay the Night’.

So enjoy your weekend. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers, where we put the flag at half mass every Saturday in honor of baseball season.