Logan Forsythe is a Dodger, for the cost of Jose De Leon

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays consummated a deal tonight, with the Dodgers sending highly-regarded pitching prospect Jose De Leon to the Rays for second baseman Logan Forsythe.

The Dodgers seemed to kill two birds with one stone. They no longer have to search for a lead off hitter because Forsythe has done that regularly in his career. They also don’t need to start Kike Hernandez at second base.

I think Jose De Leon is going to be a nice big league pitcher with good upside, but he didn’t fit with the current Dodgers personnel. They have at least five MLB ready rotation veterans. So they did what most teams with money would do in their situation.

There are some MLB executives who feel that Forsythe is a better all-around player than that of Brian Dozier, who the Dodgers talked about dealing for since early December.

So who won this deal? We’ll say immediately, the Dodgers feel a good impact. In five years, they’ll wish De Leon was part of their rotation.