Yordano Ventura, Dead at age 25

Yordano Ventura is dead at age 25.

This is that time of year where you wake up in the morning and you want to write about baseball, but you’re just thin on ideas. I wish there was still nothing to write about.

Yordano Ventura burst on the scene in 2014. I remember where I was when I watched his first start. I was so excited about this kid. In a game where I am very selective about which pitchers I like – I liked him from the beginning. I was prepared to keep him for a decade or so in my fantasy league.

But life and baseball had other plans.

Ventura regressed every year. He flashed a myriad of maturity issues. It was clear that he wasn’t going to be a star, at least for a while. Something would have to change.

A week ago, Ventura posted to his Instagram that he was excited for Spring Training. He posted videos of him working out. It’s hard to believe I’ve awoken on another Sunday morning to find out a player has died in a car crash in the Dominican.

We will always be left to wonder what could have been on Yordano Ventura. RIP Hombre.

UPDATE (12:19 PM): Really good read from the Kansas City Star about Ventura’s unlikely journey to the big leagues.

UPDATE (12:25 PM): The Royals official twitter has sadly posted an official tweet. You imagine since the organization had him when he was in his early teens, many are heartbroken.