Big Drunk Mark Trumbo signs with Orioles

I’ll probably get hit with a letter from an attorney for slander or libel in a few days for calling Mark Trumbo a ‘big drunk’ but I will never stop calling him that. In full disclosure, I don’t know that Mr. Trumbo has ever enjoyed an alcoholic beverage in his life. The truth is, I just think he reminds me of a sloppy beer-league softball player more than anyone else in the league’s fraternity of players. I will continue to call him this until my days are through. Or his days.

Even though Jim Bowden told us weeks ago that Trumbo was headed to Seattle – he signed a three-year, $37.5 million dollar contract with the Orioles today.

Trumbo is coming off a helluva year in which he hit 47 home runs and drove in 108. He did other Trumbo things; like striking out 170 times and hitting .256. He looked like a big drunk in right field. But it was one of those years that he just seemed locked in from start to finish.

This move virtually cinches that the Orioles lead baseball in home runs and that they’re again a slugfest type team that plays in a lot of games that go over the 8.5 total. Big Drunks like Trumbo can be a lot of fun, too.