Chris Berman has Berman’d his last Home Run Derby

I have one less reason to watch ESPN. And I only watch ESPN now when Sunday Night Baseball is on anyways.

Chris Berman is ‘changing roles’ which means what is rumored is true: Berman has uttered his final ‘back-back-back-back’.

Berman, a six-time National Sportscaster of the Year honoree, will remain as ESPN’s host of NFL Primetime highlights after the NFL championship week games and the Super Bowl, and will have a role on Monday Night Countdown, offering opinion and perspective on historical events in the NFL. He will also call an MLB division series for ESPN Radio and be part of the ESPY Awards.

Berman is going to get some major love as far as fanfare coverage, too. Since they can’t make a 30 for 30: With Leather about Berman, they’re doing something else.

ESPN will air an hourlong show documenting Berman’s career and impact — “He Did Go All The Way” — on Feb. 2 at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Like Santa Claus, Berman lost his mystical powers in my eyes many years ago. ESPN isn’t good anymore. I’m just reporting today’s news really. I’ll miss his bad cliche’s at the Home Run Derby though.