The First Post of 2017 is a Cincinnati Reds Post

So no one can say I am not at least trying.

I have a love/hate relationship anymore with the Cincinnati Reds. I disagree with so many things that the organization has done from the top down. I think they’re poorly ran in their current state. I think they squandered something special. I think they’re the same cheap organization that they were during the John Allen days with a paint-job. I think they do a great job with damage control and social media and keeping folks drinking the punch.

Someday I might be glad that I never completely abandoned them as my favorite team. But I highly doubt it. They don’t have out true fan cards when you get to Heaven. And let’s just face the music: the Reds don’t really deserve to have the time invested in them right now. Not going to the ballpark. Not buying merchandise. Not writing about their moves.

When any of this changes, I’ll let you know. Right now, they’re a second-rate franchise. And I’m going to be very vocal about it. I think they’ve done wrong by their fans. They lied and said the firesale days were over. Then they went and sold guys for ten cents on the dollar and decided to build around Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto solely. And I’ll say Homer Bailey too, which I actually liked and of course that has gone up in smoke.

Many people out there are applauding the Reds biggest and only off-season move this winter, yesterday’s signing of Drew Storen. These people obviously have not seen Drew Storen pitch for the last year and a half.

It’s a high-upside move in that he’s a guy who sure; has pitched at the back end of the ‘pen before. It’s one-year, $3 million dollars. He’s only 29. All that good stuff. But again, this is SUCH a damn Reds move. Nobody really wants this guy because he seems to develop a case of ‘throw it in the gap’ any time he encounters any type of adversity. I just can’t get excited about this. If that makes me a horrible person, I’m sorry.

My sole purpose of this post wasn’t to bitch and moan about the Reds. It really wasn’t. I do that enough on twitter in mocking the fans who say they’ll leapfrog the Cubs by 2018. It was to report the major offseason signing of the local boy come-home Drew Storen. But not promote it. I am very happy for the Reds fans who see this as a huge move towards winning. But it’s time for a dose of reality when you visit this blog.

At best, this is Danny Graves 2.0; and it was just a bargain-basement deal done by Dick Williams and his silent partner Walt Jocketty who is about as alive anymore as Bernie Lomax. Happy New Year Reds fans.