DH Video Select: Kiner’s Corner with Umpire Eric Gregg

So this hails from the deepest, darkest corner of the internet and I am sure to be one of the only ones to have ever found it, watched it, and have enjoyed it.

You see, Kiner’s Korner was a postgame show shown after New York Mets games in the 80’s. Since I’m a sucker for 80’s baseball and the Mets in that era; I have watched a lot of these shows on YouTube because I’m like autistic about it, and it is like a few minutes of time travel.

YouTube contributor ‘SPORTSTALKNY’ has a litany of these Kiner’s Korner videos up. The one I chose today is a really interesting one.

If you grew up when I did (I am 34), and watched the amount of baseball I did, you know who the big black umpire Eric Gregg was. This is a really interesting conversation between him and Ralph Kiner during a rain delay of a game on July 1st, 1990 in a game against the Cincinnati Reds and New York Mets at Shea.

To hear Gregg talk about the first time he called a Steve Carlton game at Veterans Stadium or discuss the difference between the American League and National League strike zone because of a chest protector; well this is just really good vintage shit.

Do not be surprised if this is not the last Kiner’s Korner to be featured in a post on this blog.