ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Schedule for 2017 is a mainstream team lackluster mess

Gah. Damnit.

I want to love baseball on ESPN again. I long for the day – if ever a day existed – where teams got (somewhat) fair and equal coverage. That’s why I have switched so heavily to MLB Network. But I am a traditionalist. And I learned to love the game watching Karl Ravech and Peter Gammons on Baseball Tonight.

I would sneak into the study room a half hour early in college with my roommate so that we could get dibs on the television because our parents wouldn’t pay for cable, so we could watch BBTN.

But ESPN is hard to love these days as a baseball fan.

ESPN has announced it’s Sunday Night Baseball telecast schedule through July 23rd. It’s once again a Cubs, Red Sox, Cardinals, Yankees fest.

Apr. 2: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals
Apr. 9: Miami Marlins at New York Mets
Apr. 16: St. Louis Cardinals at New York Yankees
Apr. 23: Washington Nationals at New York Mets
Apr. 30: Chicago Cubs at Boston Red Sox
May 7: New York Yankees at Chicago Cubs
May 14: Houston Astros at New York Yankees
May 21: TBD
May 28: New York Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates
June 4: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
June 18: TBD
June 25: TBD
July 2: TBD
July 9: Detroit Tigers at Cleveland Indians
July 16: New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
July 23: St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs

Alright so the highlight is we get the Astros; ONE time because they’re playing in the Bronx. The Indians get to host a game. And um, I don’t know? The Cubs are cool to watch so we’re fine there. I wouldn’t expect the Reds to sniff these telecasts. But we can’t get a single, solitary Los Angeles Dodgers game? I mean they’re in a major-market and loaded.

This is downright asinine.