Ken Burns’ Baseball has dominated my December

So ever since around Thanksgiving time when MLB Network started airing these films by Ken Burns one by one, I got pretty into the Ken Burns series. As an Amazon Prime member I can watch it for free any time. My goal was to start Fargo this month and watch all the Christmas movies on my list (I still need to hit up Home Alone).

There’s nothing I enjoy more than coming home from work before my kids need picked up from the sitter, dimming all the lights in my mancave, and putting on Burns’ classic. I usually fall asleep about halfway through any episode I am watching. It doesn’t matter, it’s really damn good no matter how much I get to see. It’s downright sublime to fall asleep to at night.

I started by watching the most recent era stuff first. But I’ve found the stuff I am enjoying the most is the 50’s and 60’s stuff – when it was really a game. Stuff about Mickey Mantle and Ted Williams. The black and white vaudeville-looking stuff. And I still can’t seem to get through more than 45% of this stuff.

But this is a baseball lover’s documentary. I give it two thumbs up for anyone who really loves the game. It’s extremely relaxing.