MLB The Show’s ‘Diamond Dynasty’ Mode isn’t half bad

Not my Diamond Dynasty team.

So it’s the offseason and I’m waiting on MLB The Show ’17 featuring Ken Griffey Jr. to roll out like everyone else who loves this game. It’s that time of the year where the rosters are stale as shit – so many moves have been made and I am tired of seeing Andrew Cashner in the Padres rotation every time I play a series with San Diego.

So at the urging of my buddy Detroit Stars I decided to give ‘Diamond Dynasty’ a chance. It never appealed to me because I’m a franchise mode only player since my gaming birth and it seems a little bit too much like ‘Madden Ultimate Team’ which is pure evil and has ruined the football gaming experience.

But I have to say, Diamond Dynasty isn’t half bad. It’s actually pretty damn fun!

In a nutshell, all players in the game (along with stadiums, equipment, and other widgets) are like stocks. There are market risers and guys whose value slips a bit, I assume this depends on supply and demand and overall rarity of a ‘card’ along with popularity of the player at a given moment. And while I haven’t found all the small intricacies of the game mode but it is certainly occupying my interest while the snow and ice are on the ground.

Even owning games like Skyrim and NBA2k17 (which is sweet in it’s own right, I’m just not a basketball guy), I’ve been playing MLB the Show more than ever thanks to this mode. And I might even give it a chance when the new game and rosters come out.