Jeffrey Loria is reportedly considering a sale of his Marlins

I knew it. I absolutely knew it.

The strangest owner in the history of Major League Baseball – Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria – is considering a sale of the team.

For the first time, Jeffrey Loria is receptive to the possibility of selling the Marlins and will consider offers, multiple sources told the Miami Herald.

But a source cautioned that nothing is imminent, and Loria’s open-mindedness about selling by no means guarantees that any deal will get done.

Several suitors have expressed interest in buying the Marlins in recent months, but nothing has progressed to the point of signed agreements, and Loria has not hired a firm to help him sell the team.

Forbes Magazine reported Thursday that “the buzz among sports bankers” is that Loria had let people know the team and use of its ballpark (which is owned by Miami-Dade County but run by the team) can be purchased for $1.7 billion.

Just look at the damn guy. You know he’s a strange ranger, even with what you’ve read you can just venture to guess he doesn’t fit in well with the other owners around baseball. Other than the fact he’s independently wealthy, he has nothing in common with these guys.

But I said it to a friend, when and if Loria missed out in the pursuit of his latest prized possession of artwork (Kenley Jansen); he was totally going to sell the Marlins. This after the unfortunate passing of franchise cornerstone Jose Fernandez. This after the record deal to Giancarlo Stanton is a couple years in and not going so great; with both sides likely wanting out of the marriage. It’s like, what else is there to stick around for if you’re not a baseball man, and at the end of the day Loria isn’t.

With all that Miami has been through as a franchise, this would probably be a blessing in not so much disguise. Though we would miss hearing the strange reports out of the blue like when Loria decided he hated Marcell Ozuna or his latest pursuit to add a player to his art gallery in his head.