Steve Phillips on Bryce Harper: “He’s going to take the money”

I was listening to MLB Network Radio this morning on Sirius XM while dropping my daughter off at daycare. I caught the tail end of the segment only, but heard something that while not being ground-breaking news, was certainly an interesting opinion.

Steve Phillips was talking about Bryce Harper’s next contract. He had this to say:

“Bryce Harper is going to take the most money he can get. If the Seattle Mariners offer him the $600 Million that he wants, that’s where he’s going to end up. He doesn’t necessarily care about it being a historic team or anything like that. If he can get the offer he wants from Seattle or from any team in baseball, that’s where he’s going. He’s going to take the money.”

Again, hardly a ground-breaking opinion by Phillips and we believe this is probably the true situation with Harper’s upcoming 2018 offseason negotiations. The guy can be bought. Which is why we’ve soured on him a little bit. It has a dirty feel to it.