DH Video Select: Andruw Jones bursts onto the World Series Scene

I’ve always had a thing for young players that burst onto the scene. The first time I remember hearing about Andruw Jones, he was 19 years old and hit two home runs and drove in five in Game one of the 1996 World Series.

Jones touched up Andy Pettite and Brian Boehringer.

This of course was the Jim Leyritz series, where that home run in Atlanta swung the series and the Yankees prevailed four games to two.

Jones went on to play in 75 postseason games for the Braves and homered ten times. He played 1761 games in Atlanta and homered 368 times. This was just the beginning.

It was this time of year though back in 1996 that as a 14 year old that my curiosity was totally peaked about Andruw Jones. I couldn’t wait for the calendar to flip to 1997 and see what he had to offer as a player.