Jay Bruce Bombs

Jay Bruce was dealt to the New York Mets at the 2016 deadline. This obviously changes things a bit being that he’s no longer in a Reds uniform. I am retiring the ‘Bruce Bombs’ page from the front page, and replacing it. Here are the home runs that Jay Bruce hit when I was live at the park, forever etched frozen in time here.

Here are the home runs that my favorite professional athlete Jay Bruce has hit while I was in the house. We’ll embed these as they continue to hopefully pile up. For now, enjoy the bomb show:

Civil Rights Game 2009:

Opening Day 2012:

Saturday afternoon bomb into the RF Moondeck:

Bachelor Party in Cincy, June 7th 2012

First trip to PNC Park:

June 17th, 2013:

Game Winner, July 6th, 2014 (4th of July weekend)