Corey Seager is on the USA’s Provisional World Baseball Classic Roster

A lot of the World Baseball Classic roster is up in the air right now – other than Eric Hosmer will be a member of the team for the fourth time as either an amateur or Major League player. But there is one shining thing to maybe note in the early going: Corey Seager is on the provisional roster along with Brandon Crawford.

As Morosi’s tweet notes, Seager is still weighing options on whether or not to play. He would of course need to miss regular Spring Training time with the Dodgers to do so.

We could go either way on this. On one hand, we want guys on the roster that we like to watch. It would bring a little more interest to it. Eric Hosmer doesn’t do a ton for us in terms of making us want to tune in. But it would be alright to see Seager big league this decision and decide he’s a little to good for it.

March is a good month to get your game going at a relaxed pace, and the season is long enough to where that might be a little too early to see a guy playing with such urgency to be honest. But if he plays it will be a reason to tune in.