DH Video Select: I stayed up way too late watching Mickey Mantle Shoot Interviews

Alright so I went into a damn rabbit hole last night, and I stumbled across a Mickey Mantle shoot interview on YouTube that I had never seen before.

The next thing I know, I’ve watched parts of an hour of this thing. It’s incredible. The Mick is a fantastic storyteller.

My favorite one is there above, it’s about Mickey getting a gift off Denny McClain in the way of a fastball for home run #535, the second to last he hit in his career. And as I watch this I think back to this is back when it really was a game at it’s roots before corporate sponsorship bled into everything.

Here are some others you probably haven’t seen, but need to:

The Billy Martin Cow Story

How he became a Yankee

Billy Martin gets traded

A rough plane ride into Detroit

His called shot in the 1964 World Series

On breaking curfew with – you guessed it – Billy Martin in Boston

On the hardest ball he ever hit

On signing his first pro contract

His infamous knee injury in the 1951 World Series

It’s just incredible. Helluva ballplayer, helluva guy. Listening to Mickey Mantle in his own words is a good way to waste time.