Under Armour to become MLB uniform provider in 2020

Because I’m Autistic about the appearance of baseball uniforms, and I am the worst baseball purist/traditionalist/grumpy old man on the earth, this news is *really* bothering me today.

The evil empire Under Armour will take over as the official uniform provider for baseball in 2020.

It’s a ten-year pact. They’re replacing the nice, conservative folks to run the wonderful company Majestic who holds the current contract. They just quietly stay in the background and produce nice, clean uniforms. Notice I said clean.

Baseball got Under Armour to double the offering by of course selling out like the whores they are. This was just about money, and the most damning part of the agreement is they’re going to take the ad-free uniforms that we’re all used to you know; forever, and they’re going to put the big ugly ‘UA’ on the right front of every uniform. If you want to know what it looks like – how horrid it looks – just google NCAA baseball uniforms and Under Armour. You’ll see it. It’s distracting.

Plus I’m getting old and the older I get, the more I hate change of any type. Really hate this, and the corporate shill intruding on my wonderful, clean game. I guess I can get over it and get used to it. This is just the first step of full-fledged ads.

Read this quote from Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank, and have your puke bucket nearby please

“Think of a Yankees fan who is standing in front of a shoe wall deciding what they want to buy,” said Plank, who’s also the founder of Under Armour. “They will think about the fact that there is an Under Armour logo on the front of their jersey.”

Yeah, Kevin. It’s just great for the fan. I’m sure the Yankees fan standing in front of the shoe wall will love it because you get to advertise on our sacred fabrics and line your pockets even more. I’m sure this was done with the fans in mind.

Baseball seems to think that the biggest drawback of this move is just some fans thinking that owners and the figureheads of the game are greedy – and they know we already feel that way so they don’t care about selling out uniform space for an ad. They don’t think anyone will stop watching because of it.

This just continues to show that anyone or anything can be bought at the right price. This sucks balls.