Dodgers re-sign Rich Hill to 3-year, $48 Million Dollar Contract

So last season, I became a fan of Rich Hill. I picked him up off waivers in a few fantasy leagues and watched his starts; and soon I realized a season of something special was upon us (the only pitcher in baseball to allow a lower wOBA than Hill is Clayton Kershaw). Just know that means he’s damn effective.

Hill carries some risk because he’s a former reliever, he’s 36 years old, and he of course struggled with the blister from Hell last season. But the fact remains that Rich Hill has the best curveball in baseball right now. There’s a fair amount of opinion that the Dodgers aren’t ever getting 200 innings out of Hill in a season. I’m in the camp that if a guy is aging, you’re not going to baby his arm like a 23-year old. If he doesn’t come up lame or blister up, you can push him to 200 innings and see what happens.

I love this move by the Yosemite Sam Dodgers. They pull the best starter off the Free Agent market and round out a rotation that will feature Kershaw/Urias/Kazmir/DeLeon/some combination of whatever else (they have a ton of other starters in the mix if need be). They’re in a ton of debt and don’t really seem to be operating any differently.

Rich Hill, staying in the magical city of Los Angeles ladies and gentleman for three years, $48M. And there’s nothing that says the Dodgers can’t flip him for prospects once they’re having a down year. Someone will give some B-level prospects if Hill is throwing well when the time comes because that is how baseball works.