Happy Winter Meetings Day!

So today kicks off the MLB Winter Meetings in Washington D.C., and it’s really just a smorgusboard of baseball activity. There’s just a flurry of baseball related people – everyone who is anyone that should be there and then some.

There’s a job fair, league executive meetings, a trade show (I really want to be at this trade show, look at the vendors), an awards gala, seminars; I mean it’s just cool if you’re interested in this type of stuff and baseball in general.

There should be a flurry of activity with guys changing zip codes, both predictable and unpredictable. That’s what really gets the headlines at the Winter Meetings and will have me flipping it over to MLB Network tonight to get the latest.

We’ll do our best to have a take on a thing or two that goes down when it happens. After this, it gets a little boring in terms of the baseball offseason until late February and early March.