A Possible Major League Baseball Lockout? You Have Got to be Kidding Me!


So I’m just sitting here wrapping up my two-year old’s birthday party trying to get my nightly dose of MLB news and it crawls across my screen like a living nightmare.

Baseball’s 21-year run of labor peace is in jeopardy.


Where the Hell did this come from? Oh, but wait. The good news is they still have a week to work out a deal until it’s officially a work stoppage. Terrific, because greedy pricks can always reconcile differences in a week’s time. It’s always went that way, never.

This is absolutely terrible. And suddenly any talk of Miguel Sano’s position for the upcoming season or where Yoenis Cespedes is going to sign suddenly matters none. Any thoughts or plans you had for your fantasy team in 2017 must suddenly be put on abrupt hold. There is no tomorrow if this happens. I could be looking at a summer of farmer’s markets and lawn care and no baseball.

If they really go through with this, I’ll threaten to leave and never come back.