Corey Seager is the National League Rookie of the Year


Remember as kids, the Dodgers trotted out the Rookie of the Year in the National League every year, it seemed? Mike Piazza last won the award in 1994 and did so unanimously. Today, Corey Seager has joined him.

Seager batted .308 and hit 26 home runs. He set Dodgers rookie records in hits (193), total bases (321), extra-base hits (71), doubles (40) and runs scored (105).

Finishing second was the electrifying Trea Turner of the Washington Nationals, and third was taken by Seager’s teammate Kenta Maeda.

But Seager has energized a weary nation in Los Angeles; a look at the first 184 games of his career are just staggering by the numbers.

Something is said in this video I couldn’t agree more with: Seager got great by being good every single day. This past March I knew little of Seager. My interest wasn’t peaked at that point because I was really digging hard into other young guys at the position around the league.

Some game early in the year within the first two weeks, I had a chance to watch Seager play. The Dodgers were down handily, the game was decided; but he was grinding out tough at bat after tough at bat, conceding nothing. He looked like a very pure, mature, relaxed hitter. I just knew then that he had an approach that would make him special. It seemed he had a slow heart beat. The more I watched him, the more I wanted to watch.

He’s without a doubt one of my favorite players in the game right now. He could easily end up one of my favorite Dodgers ever.