NFL Mid-Season Round Up

Where do the teams sit now that Week 9 is behind us and which ones are still in good position to push for playoff berth?

Sportsbetting has become huge business and football plays a big role in exciting punters to get involved. The NFL is now at the mid-season mark and punters have had nine weeks to bet on their favorite teams. The table is looking a bit clearer at the halfway mark and the odds at the top sportsbooks in the industry have more competitive odds than ever before so now is a great time to try ones luck with a bet on the NFL.

This year online football Sportsbetting hit new heights and bettors from North America have led the way placing more bets than in any other year prior. Last year there was a big jump in the amount of bets placed as the playoffs neared and this season predictions state that there will be far more wagers than in prior years. No matter if it’s Thursday Night Football, Sunday Football or the Monday Night Football game, top sports bookmakers are issuing hundreds of betting markets ahead of, and during each game.

How do the teams fare?

At the midway point, the league leaders are the Patriots, Vikings, Ravens, Raiders, Texans, Cowboys, Seahawks and the Falcons. These teams are all in first place in their respective division and are favored to make the playoffs. Teams like the Vikings that have lost three games straight are on the bubble and could be ousted from top position, while teams like -the Cowboys still look strong and could be contenders in the later stages.

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Where to find the best bets?

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Your next bet could and should be a winner and all it takes is a bit of research and sometimes a bit of luck.