Joe Maddon, if you ever stumble across this….


Before I get into the incredible game seven, Joe Maddon. My goodness, what a terrible job managing. Yes, he’s a World Champion because his team has the biggest nuts in the history of the sport. But what an indictment on this guy if you watched this unfold the last several nights.

For me to do a post on this – it would have to be the worst managerial job I’ve ever seen. Joe Maddon just managed the biggest World Series in a century like he was on bath salts.

I’ll never forget when one of the best ever, Davey Johnson; called the guy a ‘weird, wussy’. He managed like a man who forgot he had testes.

  • His usage of Chapman in game six, totally negligible. Aroldis Chapman is not Andrew Miller. You aren’t going to stick it in Francona’s crawl by bringing in Chapman in a five run game with game seven on deck.
  • Pulling Kyle Hendricks who was stone cold stoic in a game in which he led 5-1.
  • Shitting on your entire bullpen of quality arms by basically telling them they won’t be entering in a game. These are quality arms: Strop/Grimm/Rondon/Edwards (who he had to use). Warming up Jake Arrieta and using Jon Lester when his tank was probably on empty (which he got away with).
  • The safety squeeze he used with Javy Baez at the plate – a guy who is prone to striking out – but how many times did Baez drive the ball to the outfield? It’s the World Series and you reach for a Legion ball play in game seven with TWO strikes? Awful.
  • Again, shitting on his bullpen. Lucking out and getting a win without having to use them because Ben Zobrist and company bailed you out.
  • Bringing Chapman in the ballgame in the 8th to face Brandon Guyer when Edwards Jr. would have done fine to get one out. Brandon Guyer murders lefties. Most idiots like me on their couch would have managed this situation correctly. Whatever reasoning, data, etc. that you had to make this decision was wrong. Doesn’t matter that you’re paid the big bucks because you’re the pro.
  • Leaving Chapman in for a second inning of work (it was actually 2+) when he was clearly gassed. It worked out. Chapman barely responded with a 1-2-3 inning, sweating bullets visibly. Again, managing the game like you have no sack.
  • Bringing in a cold catcher in David Ross and putting Jon Lester into the game after saying before the game he didn’t want to put Lester into a ‘dirty inning’. You know, having the fucking yips and all as he visibly did. So he lucks out again and Ross hits a luckbox home run off Andrew Miller; everyone who was right is suddenly wrong because he lifted Wilson Contreras who is arguably a better hitter. Ross allows a passed ball that scores two Indians and makes a 5-1 game a 5-3. Just batshit horrible.
  • Closing with rookie Carl Edwards Jr. (failed).
  • Closing with Mike Montgomery.

How many other instances were there where Maddon deserved to lose this game? He was so out-classed by Terry Francona and this is coming from a guy half-heartedly pulling for the Cubs who bet the Cubs for the series.

Maddon was so horseshit down the stretch in the World Series I am actually pissed about it.

I literally cannot believe the Cubs won this game. It was a miracle and a testament to how big of stones the players wearing the uniform had in the Chicago dugout. They bailed their manager off the hook of replacing Steve Bartman as biggest shithead of all-time.