Is there a more perfect player in baseball to provide free Taco Bell than Francisco Lindor?

Add this to the resume.

It’s almost as if Taco Bell and the Indians superstar shortstop conspired together for this. For forever, Francisco Lindor will be known as the man who gave the world free tacos on November 2nd due to his World Series stolen base in the first inning of game one.

I love Taco Bell. I love the damn quesadillas. I could order about six entree items off the menu that would count as a meal for any normal guy, and I make the six entree items my meal. It’s the way it goes. When I go to Taco Bell, it’s late, my wife and kids are asleep, and shit happens. Usually when it’s finished I’m not particularly happy having done so, but that’s life.

There’s about two hours left – my wife is at parent/teacher conferences so I won’t be partaking. But get out there and get your damn free new spiffy Taco Bell taco!