Baseball Season Ends Tonight


Baseball season is at it’s sad ending. It’s taken us far, but no matter what; when the clock hits midnight, it’s damn winter. It really sad. It’s weird, you go along and it seems like joyous and wondrous baseball is just going to last all year. We would be fine with that.

It’s only in a rare occurrence that you actually know that baseball season is going to end going into the night. Tonight, we have a game seven for all the marbles before all the bullshit jersey changing and winter meetings stuff starts. One last day of nine innings, in arguably the biggest World Series game of our lifetime.

But the reality hit us that as great as tonight’s event is, baseball season ending really sucks. Not sure if we’re becoming just a grumpy old white guy or what, but it seems our love for baseball this season really took off this season more than ever. The playoff field of teams only helped things. It was the greatest season ever, all around.

So tonight, we’ll savor it. We’ll watch it closely. Nurture it like a baby. We have a long winter ahead of us and it’s going to be a while until the fields thaw out.

There’s no better game on earth that provides such drama with a backdrop of not only one but a couple of huge stories. How ever this final chapter of 2016 plays out, it’s been a great full read.