World Series Game Three: Indians Spoil Everything in Chicago


[Indians 1, Cubs 0]

Let the record in history forever state that in the first World Series game at Wrigley Field in all those years; and the Indians win 1-0 on a Coco Crisp (pinch-hit) single to score Michael Martinez. And the Cubs don’t score with the wind blowing out in a Josh Tomlin start. Just like I told my father – this was just like we all had it drawn up.

There wasn’t much of a highlight for either side in this one – the Cubs kind of choked it to the Indians again and it’s becoming painfully obvious that whatever is happening is definitely happening. The Indians really only need about four innings from their starter. They can just use about anyone in the pen sandwiched around Andrew Miller and Cody Allen and that’s the way it’s going to go right now.

For all the talk of the analysts that the Indians executed the perfect game last night – I wonder how many teams in the modern era have went 9-2 in the playoffs? I mean some of the great teams in the history of the game had more trouble than this.

And again it’s not to discredit an Indians team who everyone knows is at best, slightly above average. It’s just that their opposition all October hasn’t been themselves. The Cubs were shut out six times in the regular season. Despite cold bats in the postseason, this is a team that doesn’t really get shut out.

Nothing has gone the way it really should the entire postseason. If that continues to follow suit, then the Indians have this thing won. But something tells me that the game everyone has marked as a win – Corey Kluber who is suddenly Mr. Automatic – isn’t automatic at all tonight. I mean, Corey Kluber was being called incredibly average until July. You can all choose not to remember that; Cleveland fan, but I do remember it.