The Red Sox are in a World of Shit


So, I didn’t see that one coming. But I should have.

I fell for the ol’ Red Sox have to win today because if they don’t their season is over trap. But I forgot one important detail: they had the sheep David Price on the bump.

Interesting memory that came to mind today as Price gave up a bomb to lefty Lonnie Chisenhall. When I was younger, Price spoke to some of my former teammates who had got into coaching at a National Coaches Convention. As the keynote speaker, a young Price was asked about his career goals.

He mentioned winning the Cy Young Award, being a Hall of Famer, earning that big contract to make a living; all the status quo shit. BUT the one thing he did not mention: he never said a damn word about winning a World Series or any postseason success.

My friends thought it was weird enough that they told me the story.

Maybe I’m over-reacting, but in the wake of today’s 6-0 shutout in Cleveland that finds the Red Sox down 0-2; Price is gon’ take some serious twitter hate on this night. Just turn the cell phone off.

It doesn’t help matters that he corrected a fan about his $218 million dollar (horrible) contract that he signed at age 30 just tweets ago.

So, yeah. David Price will die like the rest of us but only with $100 million more in his bank account to go alongside his castle and moat and his Call of Duty game and Air Jordan cleats; but the one thing he can’t die with is a legacy that he was a winner in the postseason.

And holy shit enough about Price – this is really how David Ortiz is going out? This cannot be right?

I guess we should have all seen it coming a little bit. In fact, I did in game one. I just thought the Red Sox would find a way to even this series and get it back to Boston today. But in a five game series, a lot of the experts will be saying that the Indians being short-handed with their starting pitching isn’t such a flaw at all with the way they hit in that ballpark and that bullpen. And that should have been the narrative in anyone’s mind who was trying to handicap how this series was going to go.

That and of course, that Red Sox will only go as far as David Price; a perennial loser when it matters, can take them.