Lasorda Friday’s: Tommy Lasorda Destroys the Phillie Phanatic in 1988

We haven’t honored fun Tommy Lasorda on Friday’s enough through the years. It was done at least once, and abandoned.

But the gem that is this man will not be ignored on this Friday. Here we have a clip we had not seen in full prior to today. It’s late August 1988, and that rascal Phillies Phanatic is getting under Tommy Lasorda’s skin.

The best part of this clip is not when Lasorda starts to take off with the Phanatic’s ATV. It’s not when the Phanatic razzes the angry man who is mad at a mascot that is making fun of his belly by sticking his mascot tongue out at him. The best part of the video isn’t even when Lasorda chases him down in anger (look at how fast Tommy moves in those turf shoes, he looks like sprinting Super Mario).

The best part of this video is around the 1:13 mark when Lasorda pulverizes the Phanatic with that stuffed Lasorda and the mascot plays dead, on cue. Like he’s really hurt. I’ve watched this no less than 15 times today, and it gets me every time. I love this.