Carlos Correa’s 20th Home Run of 2016

Everyone was watching football today when just past the 4:00 hour on the east coast, Carlos Correa hit his 20th home run of the season at Safeco Field, a moonshot to dead center in the Astros loss.

The Astros’ season is probably over, barring a two-week miracle. You step back and look at Correa’s season: 20 home runs, 92 RBI, 13 steals, 70+ runs, .270ish; and he’s really done fine. Huge things coming for both him, and the loaded Astros in 2017. I can’t wait already. They simply ran out of pitching in 2016. They’ve been throwing Larry, Curly, and Moe for the last three weeks.

It’s been plenty of fun watching this team, and more specifically this player develop this season. Two more weeks and it’s winter for most.