Gary Sanchez’s First 23 games are what ‘Going Ape-Shit’ looks like


A Saturday in the Bronx, and Gary Sanchez awoke me from a precious nap by hammering his 11th home run of the season. It’s hardly a Hallmark number; unless you’re 23 games into a career.

Sanchez hit his 11th home run in Saturday’s win over the Orioles—in the 23rd game of his career, faster than anyone in MLB history. And he’s not just hitting for power, he’s hitting pretty much everything. Like, .403/.459/.883 kind of everything. It’s a small sample size, sure, but pointing out that he has an OPS of 1.342 (1.342!) is way more fun than pointing out that it’s only been three weeks.

Yankees fans have every right to be excited. It took a long time for Gary Sanchez to break onto the scene. It looks like he’s going to be part of the next great Yankees core; as long as he doesn’t end up like perennial surgery man Devin Mesoraco.