You Can’t get enough Marge


For every blade of grass on the earth, there is a Marge Schott (former Reds owner) story like this one.

In 1996, umpire John McSherry died of a heart attack after collapsing at home plate on Opening Day at Cincinnati’s Riverfront Stadium. The game was postponed, and understandably so. Yet, Reds owner Marge Schott complained how McSherry’s death (and the snow) put her out because the game had been a sellout. When her comments were not well received, she sent flowers to the umpires’ room to apologize and to express sympathy for their loss. However, it was later revealed that Schott hadn’t purchased the bouquet, but had regifted one that had been sent to her. She had removed the original card and written a new one, negating her sincerity in the eyes of the recipients.

Chain-smoking cheap cigarettes, supporting Nazi’s, chugging even more cheap vodka, and getting mad when an umpire goes and dies on her! Marge! She’ll be here all week.